With this free gift property developer and self made millionaire, 
Carly Crutchfield, shows you what a development financial feasibility is, how to correctly do one on your renovation or development project and how to know it’s a deal worth doing!
watch - the feasibility training video
download - the feasibility calculator
In this training video, Carly Crutchfield will take you step by step through the feasibility calculator and show you how to use it. (You can download this calculator by clicking here or on the green box to the right)

Carly will also take you through the costs involved in development property so you can ensure you are entering the right information into your calculator. 

By watching this video you will gain an understanding of how to calculate profits for a development, what to calculate and how to know whether or not it’s a deal worth doing.  This feasibility calculator will help you assess, analyse and calculate the costs involved in development property.

It will also provide you a report which  you can use to provide to partners, investors, banks etc. 

This feasibility calculator tell how you much profit you will make in dollars and what that represents as a percentage return. 

It will also calculate what the return on your capital investment is. 

This is a fantastic and necessary tool for anyone looking to develop property!
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